Slots tournaments

Slots tournaments are the new BIG-thing at online casinos. That’s right now you can find great tournaments even for some slot machine games at almost any online casino. Although it might sound very complicated and difficult, the slots tournaments are the exact opposite.

All of them usually have a certain amount of Entry Fee, which is the same for all, after this all players get the exact amount of cash (usually 1000-2000) and a certain limit of time (20 minutes for example), during that time you are unable to play with your winnings, so after you spend the given cash your winnings are compared to the other players winnings, the winner is then decided after a couple of these rounds.

What is so good about tournaments then? Well, all you really pay is the entry fee and with a bit of luck the $50 or so can get you $20 000 or even more!

Slots N Games, Spin Palace, Unibet and William Hill Casino all offer slots tournaments, chekc them out to find out more.