History of slots

Slot machines are probably the youngest form of gaming at casinos; nevertheless they have also become the most popular form of gaming. But let’s talk about how it all got started first.

The so-called beginning for the slot machines is considered to be in the late 1800s when Charles Fey, a man considered to be one of the most influential people who worked on this type of machines, build his first mechanical slot machine. This type of slot machine later got a name that is common even now days when talking of slots: One Armed Bandit. The machine that is considered as a base for all the modern slot machines was called Liberty Bell and that as well was built but Fey, but much later.

As the technological level advanced further so did the mechanics of slot machines. After the World War 2 public saw such monsters as Super Big Bertha, the production costs of this 8 reeled  machine  were astonishing $150 000 and the possibility to trigger the jackpot around 1 in 25 billion! What’s more, a 5 hp motor was needed to operate this monster.

As computer technology evolved to the level we are now mechanical parts of slot machines were replaced with microprocessors which gave easier control and much lower costs of production for casinos, as a result slot machines dominate almost every single land-based casino in terms of space, just visit the great casinos in Las Vegas to see for yourself.

The introduction of the Internet to the great public in late 1980s created completely new possibilities for various industries as well as gaming. The first online casinos were created as early as in mid 1990s and since then slots have been online. With the computer technology evolving faster and faster, so have the slots games. At the moment there actually is little reason to go all the way to land-based casinos as you get much better games while sitting at home and playing online. The experience you would get from either one is quite different of course but if you are looking for better winnings, you should go online.