Flash slots

As you might be aware of, when playing online you are often presented with two options: 1. Download a casino software and play or 2. Don’t download anything and play straight from the website. As this site is Flash Casino Slots it’s quite easy to figure out what we are all about. Yes our main focus is in the Non-download casinos which allow players to play without downloading or installing anything. This means that players are able to play whenever and wherever they please, as long as they have some access to the Internet of course.

With the advanced flash technology and much better access to the Internet altogether, flash based casinos can offer players something the non-flash casinos simply can’t; easy, fast, reliable and unhindered access to the games from virtually anywhere (again, as long as you have online connection and a computer to play on).

So why there is there two kinds of casinos then? Simple: earlier (as in early 2000 and before) Internet was not as it is today, speeds were much slower, technology was much less advanced so it resulted in something that worked back then. Now on the other hand, technological level is that high that there is no need for the same solutions as were needed back then. In the future we might get a completely new solution to all of this, but at this moment the best choice for players is definitely Flash-based and other instant-access casinos.

The graphics and the functions in both are absolutely fantastic whether you choose a Flash or a Download version, the main difference however is the access. When playing at a ordinary downloadable casino you will have to get used to quite frequent updates and also to the fact that in order to play the games the software needs to be installed, so for example you won’t be able to enjoy the games during your lunch break or at your friends place unless you download and install it.

The Flash version or basically all the Instant Play casinos do not have these limitations so you can play anywhere and in most cases on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux all support flash technology). You also do not need to worry about updates as they are done directly on the provider’s side, leaving you to simply enjoy the games.

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