Casino Games

Basic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps are known to some extent to most. Different types of slot machines however are known to virtually everyone. If you are one of those who are not that familiar with the differences of French or American roulettes or find it a bit hard to understand the idea behind Blackjack, our introductions to these games might help you along.


Blackjack is one of the best known casino games. A big thanks to this goes to various movies and TV-shows, although that is hardly the only reason for its popularity. Blackjack is no doubt the best casino game in terms of the size of house’s edge, or more precisely the lack of it. When playing Blackjack with optimal strategy you can drop this edge as low as 1%.

The basic idea of Blackjack is to simply get as close to 21 points as you can without going over using the cards that are drawn from the deck, at the same time the dealer has the same goal. During each round player has certain possibilities that can be used to maximize the profit gained from winning. Although many of these can mean that your winnings are doubled or in some rare cases even tripled, it also means that you are doubling or tripling your bet as nothing comes for free.

Just as the player has his/her own set of “rules” so does the dealer, these are usually limiting dealer from gambling, for example in most cases dealers stays at “17” and draws at “15” or less. All the rules can always be checked, and we suggest you familiarize yourself with them before playing as the abc of gaming is knowing the rules of the games you are playing.

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Just like Blackjack, roulette is very well known casino game, most times just seeing roulette makes you see an image of a casino and people dressed expensively, no matter what the actual context is. From all the casino games roulette is probably one of the hardest to master, it is however one of the most easy to learn. The most important thing about playing roulette to know what roulette you should or should not play.

The way bets are placed and the payouts for winning are practically the same for all types of roulette. The greatest difference in roulettes is that in the American version instead of having only one “0” you are presented with two; a “0” and a “00”. As a matter of fact even a “000” was tried at some point, which obviously did not make players feel any better as it raised the house’s edge to ridiculous heights.

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French Roulette

French roulette is the best possible roulette type you can find, the house’s edge is in the French roulette is only around 1.35%. This is achieved by a single rule that halves house’s winning on “0” (zero being ultimately the only real edge the house has in roulette). The reason why in French roulette the house’s edge is only a bit over 1% is because of the “La Partage” rule which halves the money you lose when placing an even money bet (1:1 bet). Also you might notice that the table in French roulette is red instead of green and that the texts are all in French, this however is not always the case.

European Roulette

If there is no French roulette available, European one is the next to play. The edge in this case rises a bit to around 2.7%, when not using the “En Prison” rule, which is very similar to the “La Partage”-rule, the “En Prison” rule offers the player to try and win back the bet but also gives a choice to get half of the bet back immediately, there are few variations of this rule so it’s highly advised to check them before playing.  With the “En Prison” rule the house’s edge in European roulette drops to around 1.35%, depending on the variation of the “En Prison” rule.

American Roulette

American roulette is the only roulette type that has two zeroes; a “0” and a “00”. That means that the edge on a normal American roulette table is 5.26%, which is almost twice as great as at single zero roulette. If you have a choice, stay clear of American roulette; instead find your way to European or French ones.